I’m TK, I fix bad hair!

Holistic Hair Health Restoration Expert

Arizona’s Licensed Professional for Over 35 Years’ Experience, “I Specialize in Hair Extensions and Color Corrections.”

Private Hair Services

I thrive to keep your hair and your process private.  This way no matter the reason you are coming in you can be comfortable knowing I am here for you.  Since 1988 I have been providing color correction and hair extensions in our comfortable professional studio.


Consulting & Development

Looking to take your education to a new level?  Learn from a licensed professional with over 35 years in the industry.  TK offers training classes to all licensed professionals that will provide you an education in hair extensions, precision cutting, and color correction. 

Nutritional Coaching

Healthy Hair starts with what your diet.  If you are looking to get long, beautiful, healthy hair that makes you the envy of all your friends.  Our nutrition coaching will help streamline your diet and get the right vitamins and minerals to grow your hair and make it full of volume.

Hair Restoration

Trying to turn back time?  We can help by helping you with proper nutrition and hair health.

Get Me Beautiful Hair!

Understanding that everyone’s hair is different is what started the journey of hair-health.  By knowing this it allows us to develop you a custom plan that meets your needs, fixes the problems you having and gets your hair looking beautiful.

In-Salon Consulting

The best way to know exactly what is going on is meet with an expert.  We are the hair experts, licensed, with over 35 years’ experience.  Don’t trust your hair to anyone else.

Call or Text Today for Appointment!  1.480.442.4247.

Need Hair Extension Repair?

Not all hair extensions are created equal, I should know I have been fixing them for over three decades.  And I have been wearing hair extensions for almost as long.  Having tried everything on the market I finally found the perfect hair extensions that look and feel amazing.  If your hair extensions need fixed let me know, I can fix them and get you back to looking your best. GET MY HAIR EXTENIONS FIXED NOW!

Why Choose HairDoc TK?

The easiest answer is that I have over 35 years’ experience, am licensed and understand all your hairs needs.  I specialize in color correction and hair extensions and spend my days fixing some of the worst mistakes you can have.  I believe everyone deserves beautiful hair that they love.  I only use the best products that I have personally tested on myself before I go using them on any client. GET THE HAIR YOU DESERVE!

What Is The Process Like?

Come relax in a private personalized one-on-one session where your hair is the focus.  I will take the time to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome in our salon.  I only schedule a limited number of appointments each day so that you get our full attention, not like other salons where it is just in and out.  I want to answer all of your questions and make sure you get the hair that you will love.  As a new client you will get a consultation first so we can fully understand your concerns, hair desires, and make sure you are ready to get beautiful hair.  Once we discuss your needs, then I can focus on color correction, hair extensions, and a number of other things so you leave looking fabulous.

1. Do you provide same day appointments?

I do not generally provide same day appointments for these reasons:
I am not a chain so I focus on only 1 or 2 clients a day to be able to give you the personalized service that is required and that you deserve.

At the consultation we decide which system, method, and colors you would like to achieve and the appointment can be booked within the next few days. This is to ensure that your hair will receive the best methods and color, catered to your desires with the end result saving you money and time. I want you to be satisfied with your investment!

2. How long does my hair need to be?

I have worked with nearly 5,000 clients with all lengths and textures of hair. I have worked with countless clients with very short or pixie style cuts. I, myself, have suffered from hair loss and am trained in seven methods of extensions in order to appeal to all hair lengths and textures. A minimum of one to two inches is needed as a foundation for application.

3. How Much Does Each Extension System Cost?

As each person is unique in terms of hair texture, needs, expectations and budget, I offer a customized consultation and evaluation for each new client inside my private Scottsdale studio in order to determine needs and cost.

4. How Much Is The Hair Every Time?

If the hair is treated correctly and taken care of, hair should be able to be reused for up to one year. At the time of the first installation, I provide educational materials, products and tools for at-home use which will help you to take care of your new locs for months to come. Each extension method requires a different timeline for re-application, but the average is 14 to 16 weeks after initial installation. When a cut and color is needed, those services are provided at a separate cost in my private studio salon utilizing my organic processes, tools, and methods to maintain the integrity of my imported organic hair

5. What about client with medical issues?

As a sufferer of hair loss and a kidney cancer survivor I understand personally first hand of the potential dangers associated with harsh chemical services. I am the only full-service hair restoration and trichology salon in Arizona and am able to evaluate the scalp and dermis with the use of a microscope to determine if additional underlying issues are present. For medical patients, I also offer a line of all-natural pharmaceuticals, infrared, laser stimulation, cold level laser, and red light therapy to help my clients regrow their own hair naturally and organically. In striving for total hair health for my clients, I only carry and use organic hair products that provide the best results possible.

6. How do I get the color to match and blend?

I am a 30-year veteran of the hair industry and I have trained internationally. I was a platform color educator for Aveda for 16 years, until recently relocating to Arizona. I have merged with a company called Forumla 18 where I educate clients, consumers, and stylists on customized color blends using holistic color products. I have chosen these companies to work with because they use low ammonia, no formaldehyde, and are paraben and gluten free. When it comes to extensions, as a rule of thumb I always recommend that clients get their hair cut and colored at the same salon at which you get your extensions installed. This approach ensures complete consistency with color and also ensures that the integrity of your hair health is maintained. This is one scenario where you don’t want too many cooks in the kitchen.

Call or Text Today for Appointment!  1.480.442.4247.

Call or Text Today for Appointment!  1.480.442.4247.



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What They Say!

TK is truly the Hair Doc! My whole life I have struggled with very thin, fine, limp hair. It is beyond frustrating to have every day be a “bad hair day.” It’s a terrible blow to a woman’s self-esteem. Anyone with thin, fine hair probably gets this! I’ve tried different forms of hair extensions for years, not to look like a model but just to have normal looking hair. Her skill and technique with color, style, and hair extensions are unparalleled – and I have been through a lot of extensions in my day. All extensions before meeting TK damaged my own hair to the point I could never imagine taking them out. Her technique did not damage my hair as previous stylists have done. It protected it and allowed it to grow and thicken. I adhered to every direction and piece of advice she gave and I cannot believe how much thicker and healthier my hair is now. TK knows hair!

On another note, her philanthropic side is touching, She understands the emotional impact cancer treatments and hair loss can have. She has the tools and heart to change lives and uplift spirits in ways no other can.

Robin K.

I was 34 when I noticed my hair was thinning at a rapid pace. I don’t have any major health issues, it’s just genetics on my mother’s side, unfortunately. I finally convinced myself to start looking into a professional that would not help me look and feel my best, but also to get my own hair to become stronger and start growing faster. I decided on TK with “Hair Doc TK” and “New Dimensions Extensions.” I decided on her originally because she, I believed, wanted to help & not “just” make money & screw over people with confidence issues. Also, she isn’t corporate at all and I loved the part of the private session. She had also been through kidney cancer herself and has a heart for cancer patients that are going or have gone through Chemo and losing or lost their own hair. Again, that was not my own personal situation but that helped my decision greatly because I have a big heart and am not just a rich snob like so many around this city. So I have now had 6 sessions (and counting) with TK and while I am looking and most importantly feeling amazing, she is also helping me get my REAL hair back! She is the real deal peeps! Thank you so much TK for your patience with my learning curve as well J PSA… Don’t be a jerk, be like TK have a heart.

Teresa L.

TK is hands down the best! I had my extensions done by a few “Yelp To Rated” people around town started going to TK.

The first time I had extensions put in by a “top-rated” person, they did not carry extensions that matched my hair color so they alternated two different colors throughout my hair. It looked incredibly streaky and fake, I was not impressed especially after dropping $700.00 for it.

The second time I had my hair done, I went to another “top-rated” person and she took me to Sonny’s to pick out my hair – at least they carried my color. After only a day after installation, a few strands had already fallen out. Ok… Stuff happens. However, after a month, nearly 75% of my hair had fallen out! I mentioned this to her but she stated it was normal/probably my fault. I at least expected a discount on my next hair appointed but alas, no dice.

After that, I found TK, and thank goodness I did! TK makes these custom blended hair strands of very high-quality hair that makes the extensions look very natural.

Amanda R.

Tired of wasting money on inferior hair extensions?  Want someone to FIX your hair extensions?  Are you a BLONDE tired of seeing GOLD?  Are you wanting to use extensions as dimensions with lowlights and hilites? You have tried ALL the REST, now go to the BEST!   

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