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I help people become whole from the inside out of my diverse past knowledge and real-life experiences and am proudly Dedicated to  Re-educating The  Beauty. Entertainment, And Medical Industries since 1988!

Watch my  Published TED TALK BELOW and Read My Recent Magazine Interview. Learn  how I BEAT cancer and restored my own hair and health, Holistically, and how I can HELP YOU !



My Massive community efforts resulted in securing a local Ted Talk in 2018. and a book soon to follow, in which I share my inspirational life story and the reason my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industry! Please share this long-standing anticipated message! Save someone else from becoming FOLLICALLY CHALLENGED!

Who Is HairDoc TK


Hi, I’m HairDoc Tk, Tammy Kelichner aka “TK”  and I’m just a girl from the country who had a dream and a vision at the age of 17 after losing my own hair to an autoimmune disorder that was misdiagnosed! I grew up in rural  Pennsylvania, as, much Amish country as you can believe.

Why do I use the word “Doc” in my name? Its all in my TEDx Talk, as it has taken me over 30 years (3  very long decades) to learn and research the scientific issues associated with hair loss.

I am self-educated with various certificates in my field were at the young age of 30 my only choice while battling RCC Leading into breast implant illness was to READ and RESEARCH  everything!

I’m not a “Doctor”, but with my Published story I have learned enough to save my own life and at this point, I now consider myself an expert in my Trade and a HairDoc!

I’m a local Hollywood retired Stunt and Theater sag Trained actress, that specializes in Holistic Hair extensions -Restoration, Holistic Color Correction Services and Advanced training with over 35 years of experience and commitment to the community and my industries!

We are what we put into our bodies! I am a  Renal Cell Cancer Survivor and have always utilized Organic products, and even more so TODAY!!!! Learn how YOU too can have Great, Hair, Health!!!



It’s taken over 30 years (three long decades) to learn and research the issues with hair loss. I’m not a doctor, but with my story, I learned enough to save my own life, and at this point, I consider myself an expert in my trade and a HairDoc.

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania in Amish country with parents who were extremely conservative Christian and my mom swears by roots, fruits, nuts, and the Bible. The whole time, I dreamed of being a superstar and moving to Hollywood so I could take care of my parents and help people.  


Cancer, being the number one terminal illness, is not the only disease that causes hair loss issues. I encourage any and all sufferers to band together to battle these diseases, and I have created a community directory and a 5013c  for these reasons so I can continue to help educate  MORE people on proper hair health and hair restoration.

From the start of my career at 18, I have understood that MILLIONS of people have un-natural hair-loss due to autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins, as I personally know first hand about hair-loss and cancer, and the devastating effect it has had. In the process, I was able to complete exhaustive research into alternative methods to revitalize and grow back hair and restore health, holistically.



To provide Holistic whole Hair Health Services, Treatments, and Advanced education. I am a  successful trainer, instructor, and volunteer support groups lecturer with a new foundation and a petition to change the laws locally here in Arizona to protect all the licensed professionals that I continue to mentor. With Hair-loss on the Rise and with all this knowledge I have, I want to make a difference.

I want to be the difference. In AZ a personal difference I’m dedicated to making a change to a specific law in my profession. This is a TRUE story about the actions necessary to enact advocacy!





My practices and advanced training utilize technology that literally regrows hair utilizing all products That are holistic safe and effective. I want to use all my education and knowledge to teach more of you. This community directory and resources site will be a great asset to your business.

I practice no judgment in business and practice. And have become a mentor in the community with this salon directory to continue to mentor my licensed professionals and long-term integrity.

HairDoc Tk


I founded a 501 c3 Non-Profit called superheroes, which supports Hair, Health, and Hope to thousands of women a strand at a time. I donate my hair products, my time, and my license to thousands of women to repair and regenerate hair. I want to help thousands more with offering this HOPE.

Our Mission is to support women in a devastating time where their only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while being destroyed to become well on the inside. What I teach others is finding the root issue.

Once you find the root issue of all disease that causes most hair loss in the world, you want to give back to the community and you want to help people.

My Expertise


Lately, it seems like everyone thinks they can provide quality hair extensions, regardless of their experience, certifications, and licensing.

I am here to make you look and feel FANTASTIC, using state-of-the-art techniques. I can even help you grow your own hair back so that one day you no longer need to wear extensions.

As a 35 year veteran of the hair, health, and beauty industries, I’ve personally tried and successfully warn every extension method available to be able to dedicate myself to providing the very best holistic services and advanced education in hair, skin, wellness to my communities and industries.

 So MUCH More…

The Simple Life

Leaving Amish country in the 80s my first Debut In Hollywood I worked for Jose Eber In the Heart Of LA and started my Hair extensions, Journey, with Celebs…  I  have been in many movies in the early 80s and a few pageants as well.

I Do More Than Hair!

Growing up, I always wanted to be a SUPERSTAR so I could take care of my parents. My dream was to change the world one STRAND at a time! WonderWoman was my favorite and today at 53 this is now my “Mindset”, not a fictional character!

So I Moved to Hollywood From Amish Country!

My upbringing and lifestyle left me very limited choices for a career, where my choices back then were to become a farm worker, factory employee, or get married and have kids, which I don’t. My dream was to move to Hollywood and become a superstar so I could take care of my parents,  and so I did!

The Baywatch Girl

After leaving Amish country I moved to Hollywood to do my dream and had my Debut as an actress, stand-in, and model. This was my one of my involvements as a stand-in on Baywatch, however, that journey was short-lived as well!

I Ride To Inspire!

Growing up I rode snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and hiked, as a kid the mountains we had in the country were amazing. I rode my bike everywhere! To this day I’m an active Moutain Bike Teacher for those just starting. Ride To Inspire is advocacy  through my charity Superhaiores on the Arizona Mountains to empower all survivors!

Trust Your Locs To The HairDoc!

Over 35 plus years experience creating, customizing, coloring, perming, styling, fixing and educating women and men in over two dozen techniques of hair extensions. Each person and situation with hair extensions is different. I help first-timers, extension regulars, models, musicians, stylists, salon owners, beauty schools and medical professionals. I have been a Proud Sponsor for Phoenix Fashion Week, 944, Robert Black Agency, Central Casting Studios, So Scottsdale, Phoenix Suns, a diverse list of celebrity clientele and many many more venues with the GLAM /POSH Hair Extensions arena.



Please Check out my recent 5013C Foundation and Become someone’s SUPERHAIROE TODAY!!!  Join me in the battle to fight HAIR LOSS!!


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