In the beginning, HairDoc TK understood that millions of people suffer unnatural hair loss due to autoimmune disease and treatment for cancer-related complications, and it aggressively targeted these niche markets for its products. In addition to providing reputable training, emotional support, and hair restoration, the process has also become well-known. HairDoc TK has been able to build a large clientele base that includes local clients, beauty schools, and salons around the country, as well as independent stylists. Trainer, instructor, and lecturer with an international Trichotillomania Association and Mayo Clinic (Cancer) with over 100 million members worldwide, HairDoc TK has been training professionals since 1998.I know this because I am a licensed teacher cosmetology Advanced eco-friendly color correction specialist and I want to show with the Ted Talk and the book how you can become an expert. Education is the key to success. My salon offers personal one-on-one training, the highest level of certification, and ongoing mentorship so that clients can take their health and hair back to top condition.For more than 35 years, I have offered comprehensive training classes to licensed hair professionals.  My two-day Master Class teaches students how to apply seven methods of hair extensions, work with precision cutting, blend, and correct color, and understand different types of hair.

Shanae wanted to learn more about single strand by strand extensions for textured hair clients who want to mergre away from the sewin methods.She has her own studio in downtown phoenix and was looking for the most safe,effective ,and natural ways to extend hair while being  able to utilize scalp treatment applications .
Heather wanted a more “Natural Approach”  utilizing only holistic extensions systems and color products . She has been a licensed hair professional for 25 years And an  athletic trainer as well  looking for the “safest most effective extension options ‘

Heather wanted All Hair Extension Method which are  Tape-in  Hair Extensions, Sew-in Wefted Hair Extensions, Keratin Hair Extensions, Shrinkie Hair Extensions Beaded Weft extension. Her Certification is considered  the advanced level. 

This is Heather number 2, and one of my proud Master Advanced gals who is also multi-licensed like myslef . She wanted to learn all methods , color corrections and proper ways to cut and resuse hair for her clients , She spent one year under my mentorship and now has a very successful salon of her own .

This Student, Rachelle, is a brand new sytlist and wants to specilize in soley Tap-In Extensions Techniques . Her main focus is this method and finding the best  holistic color line to complete her clients look .

One of my Students  Pannells,from brazill learning all the methods over the course of 6 months mentoring under me, and our new plant based smoothing treatment is essential as an added bonus for all extensions clients she caters too  

 This is Tammy one of the original ladies i trained since my new patent was created  in 2015.She Flew from Ohio to get trained and is  listed on my new extension hair salons directoy as the  Main Salon for my brand on the east coast. Her education superseeds most   

Shanea First Class Beaded Wefts, followed by 2 months of continued education to become an advanced Hair extensionist utilizing only holitisc color as well  

Kayla And Haley My ladies from cali they both have been licensed for over 10 years and want to most safest and natural ways for there clients .Taking one class doesnt make anyone a master , years of experience and on-going education does . 

Meet my 2 dedicated  loc docs and superhairoes, Rita and Shelby, who are my Certified LIcensed Trichologists that have assited me in my salon newdimensionextenions and my Foundation Superhairoes they are cutting hair for cancer here at this local event .This requires  learing and mastering  All Hair Extension Methods,Wig Cuting and Making,and a basic need to know Scalp Analysis, Hair Health And Trichology Solutions to be  volunter to cut hair  for the Foundation 
All Hair Extension Methods
Best Hair Extension Training 3

Sometimes I will bring in a recent graduate which is Molly she started as a hair loss client then decided to attend beauty school and become my new intern.

She has been under my mentorship as my “assistant”  for 2 years and has the ability now to open her own studio, which she has

This is what brings me so much joy to be able to continue to guide these need students with the RIGHT training from phase1 

Molly also had a strong passion to help the community and has been involved at my foundation events as well for SUPERHAIROES Inc 


This Is Rita who has been with me for over 5 years working in my salon once a week and opened her own studio as well.i have mentored her closley as she is a key player for the business mantra implement.

Today is Our yearly photo Shoot event for Phoenix Magazine where we are the key hair and makeup vendors as it is  a BIG part of utilizing extensions.

I will be teaching you how to brand yourself and always be the best you can be on each and every client , again my mantra is and has always been about INTEGRITY and the longterm investment of the clients Hair and Health. 

Rita was “referred ” to me as a client almost a decade ago and came on board as my colorist part-time while she worked in her salon in Anthem.

Rita also was a big part of the SUPERHAIROES Foundation as she is as well as a hair loss sufferers. Watch her Live Testimony on how I can HELP you The salon professional  

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