HairDocTK has done an awesome job with installing my Hair Extensions after Cancer Treatment.  It’s important because I travel around the world meeting people that I collaborate with and how my hair looks are important.  Plus she is licensed and that was important to me.  Feeling much more confident with my new look.  The is amazing in how she customizes for your look alone.  


Thank you, T

I’m so glad I found  New Dimension Extensions Salon and HairDoc Tk with so many “average salons that only do “extensions “ it seemed a bit odd to me why I can’t get a cut and color after my extensions. I’m so grateful for finding the Best, Honest, and Licensed  Master Hair Extensionist, and Color Specialist, not to mention she’s so “down to earth “and her salon is extremely private focused on YOU solely. I’m so happy and pleased,  listen to my testimony.I have been amazed by her entire protocol, and actually have more hair now than I did prior to the “other extension salon “




TK, Thank you! I Can’t express enough how hard it was to find anyone in Arizona who would cut and color my hair integration piece or even take me on as a client. After getting to meet TK, I knew this was the place for me and I am so grateful that I did a live video testimonial for her. She imports her own hair and makes custom pieces like the one I’m wearing, and is one amazing lady who also has a charity for those with Hair loss and a Ted Talk about why hair loss is on the rise ..

Thank You



TK is great, she is so friendly and is great at what she does. I have always had thin hair that breaks off before it get very far past my shoulders, but with my extensions my hair looks so long and full. She also has really good prices, which is hard to find in a salon these days. All in all my favorite salon in the Phoenix area!

Holly P

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