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Get the best blonde you desire utilizing extensions and my organic color line…

Achieve your ultimate look inside the comfort of my private Scottsdale salon, where I also offer cut and color services for all clients. My color services are provided through the use of all organic products that are free of dyes, parabens, and metals, and I offer specialized cutting services for extensions, providing the care necessary to help your extensions last and last.

Additionally, my 30-plus years of experience has made me an expert in blonde color correction as I’ve fixed thousands of colors and I can do most of this using my patent-pending extension systems while repairing the color to preserve the integrity of the hair. If you’re either a natural or colored blonde, you know how hard it can be to achieve a gorgeous blonde result totally free of gold and red tones. Many clients have come to me over the years to correct the job of another stylist or salon, and have become loyal customers for several years. If you’re looking for the best blonde coloring services in town, you’ve come to the right stylist.

Blonde Corrections

As you see on this shot I am not all about “smoke and mirrors’ i don’t curl hair a lot after a full-color correction with a  full extensions correction day its about 7 hours plus to get everything corrected the proper way and the hair should BLEND if the color and application, method is done correctly, and by a licensed professional. This client had the hair she is holding installed which clearly didn’t match her natural hair and you see the transformation of the color blends!

Ombre Blonde Hair Color Corrections!

Another blonde who came with this incorrect application, not enough hair, wrong colors, and by an unlicensed professional, hence for everything not blended, color is an essential and proper dimension of the natural hair as well! Her BEFORE PIC ON LEFT  isn’t even a blend. Again after 8 hours of fixing the color, extensions, and cut, no curling irons as we have a perfect match and we are exhausted. Hair should look perfect straight as well!

Warm Blondes With Honey Beige & Root Smudge

This client came with a yellow tone, white extensions, and too dark of a shadow root.  Her BEFOR PIC WITH PRIOR EXTENSIONS on the RIGHT .Each client I correct truly wants the right tones for there seasons and so many continue to get yellow hair, that’s why you only trust you’re locs to the licensed professionals as now so many extension only salons aren’t even licensed and have no clue or education how to properly blend cut and tone.

Platiunum Shawdow Root Color Melt

From a yellow brassy tone to a simple pure platinum and ash brown perfection. This client wants to not have full highlights every 6 weeks so we do the next best approach to keep the integrity of the hair. Having a darker base and lowlights adds contrast and will enable her to only have done a  smudge root and baby light to maintain this beautiful dimensional blend long term.

The Grey Ways!

Again this client wanted to keep her grey and she came with the hair the prior “extensions only ” salon installed  we have holding next to her natural color not only is is NOT A MATCH , this client wanted to keep her ash and brown as you see on MY corrected work on left..Having a license to be able to color extensions is a real problem here in Arizona and I’m so grateful for my 35 plus year of committed education to be able to correct so many of these blondes, holistically as well!

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