As a licensed professional stylist and mentor to my fellow licensed stylists, with more than 35 plus years in the industry, my specialty has become working with blondes who need color correction and who desire a gorgeous blonde color. I’ll work with you to create a beautiful blonde color-matched to your skin tone, taking special care to custom blend your new hair, followed by a custom cut to finish off your new look.

As a blonde myself with 40% UN-pigmented hair and wanting to achieve more ash beige while wearing my holistic hair extensions, no one has been able to get me to the level I wanted. No one wants Goldie-locs or yellow hair extensions.  I have created a way to achieve just that!

So after on-goin researching for the past 3o plus years, I have merged with an organic color company which allows me to utilize my hair extension systems while I am repairing the current damage so the client can have the platinum blonde hair they have always dreamed of.

I am trained and certified in all of these methods, however, for the last 1o consecutive years, I have imported all of my own hair like so many of these companies have reduced their quality.My hair  extensions hair is warrantied for 1 year can be colored darker or same shades And can be reused many times over if you follow the maintenance regime I give you


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