Great Length Hair Extensions

My Private salon caters to so many diverse cliental, this is one of my hollywood celebrities who flies here from vegas . Her hair started with a bob utilizing great lengths for 2 years and hair restoration packages we were able to fully achieve optimal hair repair over 2 years .

Wefted Row Hair Extensions

Do you an event and dont want something super permanent?Tapes in would be an ideal method for events like these and lay very flat to the head . This client does alot of beauty pagents and needs to have maintence every 4 weeks for her protcals .

Mirco Links Extensions

Here is another one of our vip celebrity clients ,as you see on the pics below we do alot of remote on set hair makeup as well for thw local modeling agencies around the valley .This is a mohawk and the best option for exctensions for this client is strand by strand for the best maintence regime

Holistic Hair Extensions

As a proud Plant based Color Corrective Salon thatv offers wellnes all my extensions color and retail os without the use of chemicals, sulfates,ammonias or henna dyes, which makes every pregnant mothers able to enjoy my private wellness services.

Natural Beaded Row Extensions

As you see this client has very short hair and hairloss. Wr decicded to do 2 methods utilizing natural beaded rows and mirco links throughout  the crown to acheive the best naturall hair extensions system. after the insttalation a full bayalge color is added to showcase the volume throught the crown and enhance the color throught out the interior

Cold Fusion Extensions

This lovely gal had alot of stress happeneing wiht her graduation we knowb how that can be .Her hair is so thick and she wanted to have a transformation with more blonde baylage .We utilized strand by strand extensions and a full color correctig using all plant based color to keep the integrity of the hair health 

Euro Locs Extensions

I love pixies ! this is always a challange and i love it ! short to long with zero drop out and anice full shag with the most natural hand blended colors. Dream Catchers was used for this client .

Tape In Extensions

This client wanted to stay more on the wash an go look which is why we choose single strands and used micro links that i had permed myself to match the tecture of her narutal hair. No fuss wash and go it is. We can flat iron as well if the recommended product is utilzed again to maintian the intergity of the natural hair