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My Story

Why do I use the word Doc in my name, I would like to share with you a little bit about  my journey

It’s taken over 30 years  (3 lonnnng decades” to learn and research the issues with hair loss.

I’m not a doctor, but with my story I learned enough to save my own life and

At this point I consider myself a Expert in my Trade and a HairDoc.

I’m a local  Hollywood  retired Stunt and Theater Sag Trained actress that specializes in Holistic Hair Extensions and Restoration  ,Holistic Color Correction Services and Advanced extension training with over 35 years of experience and commitment to the community and my industries.

My practices and advanced training  utilize technology that literally regrows hair utilizing all products That are holistic safe and effective 

. I pratice no judgement in business and  practice. And have become a mentor in the community with a salon directory to continue to mentor my license professionals and long term integrity

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania as much Amish country as you can believe.

My parents were extremely conservative Christian and my mom swears by roots, fruits, nuts and the Bible.

I had very few choices as a young woman which was to get married and have kids (I have no children), work in a local factory (didn’t want to get cancer back than )  or have a professional certificate which I did . I chose to get licensed and certified and this started my journey out of rural America to the big city .

Growing up the whole time I just wanted to be a superstar  and move to Hollywood so I could take care of my parents and help people. 

My dream was to make money and support my family. I went to Hollywood!

I want to share with you the beginning of my  misdiagnosed ln my early 20ies  . The treatment I was given for a “mis-diagnosis “ was very hard on me because of the amounts of “medication” destroying my hair and health.. This major impact affected  my “exterior psychy “ massive brain fog ( hence for reading off  the cards ) which  also lead to me start support groups

I was my own super life advocate

At that time I started to facilitating for the look good feel better foundation, Trichotilomania  foundation and the Arizona kidney foundation  . After On gojng involvements in my communities I still wasn’t getting the answers I was looking for which why  did I lose my kidney in the first place and my hair ? And how could I turn the word “ victim “ into “hero and be an advocate to others ?

With hairloss on the rise and with all of this knowledge want to make a difference. I want to be the difference. In AZ a personal difference I’m dedicated to make is I want to change a specific law in my professional.

Here’s why.

I made it my purpose to educate others about the causes of chronic illness and in doing this  I determined the law for hair restoration was inadequate.  Licensing in extensions practices are necessary.

Petition to change the law

From the start of my career at 18 I have understood that millions of people have un-natural hairloss due to autoimmune disease nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins .  I have become well now for providing both reputable training , certifications and listings and a charity superhairoes which offers hair health and hope .

This Chairty  site was launched with an effort to help rescue others and battle hair loss and chronic illness  

Cancer  being the number one terminal illness is not the only disease that causes hairloss and I want to help more people

I founded a 501 c3 Non-Profit that supports Hair, Health and Hope to thousands of women a strand at a time. I donate my hair products, my time and my license to thousands of women to repair and regenerate hair. I want to help thousands more with offering this HOPE.

Our Mission is to support women in a devastating time where their only hope is to feel beautiful on the outside while being destroyed to become well on the inside. What I teach others is finding the root issue.

Once you find the root issue of all disease that causes most hair loss in the world, you want to give back to the community and you want to help people.

My massive community education efforts resulted in  securing a local TED Talk in 2017, and a book soon to follow ,in which I share my  inspirational life story and the reason for my relentless advocacy efforts across hair loss communities and in my own industry.

Hello and thank you for allowing this opportunity today

What’s Your Superpower? 

I want you to take a moment and think about Myslef story. To think about the causes of my outcomes in my life’s journey. I decided to make something great in the face of tragedy. Extending Hair is not my only superpower.  Extending quality of life and advocating for myself and others is my cause. I am able to offer hair, health, and hope as a hair loss sufferer, kidney cancer survivor and breast implant illness advocate.

I’m Hairdoc TK

Thank you very much


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