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In Salon consultation Do You need Consulting in YOUR Salon for your clients?  HairDoc TK Helps fellow licensed stylists regrow their business and their client’s hair with her diverse past knowledge and real-life experiences.  From the start of my career at 18 I have understood that millions of people have un-natural hair loss due to autoimmune disease nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins, as I myself had kidney cancer EBV, and Lyme and know firsthand about hair loss and the devastating effect it had. In the process, I have become well now for providing both reputable training, in-salon consultant, certifications and a directory listing of those I Mentor.


Extension Hair Salons, my salon directory, and training resources.  Medically Challenged Community is an Emotional Support Group.  Trichotillomania Forum offers hair restoration solutions and New Dimension Extensions is my wellness salon.  I am a successful trainer, instructor and volunteer support group lecturer with a new charity about to launch and a petition to change the laws here in Arizona to protect all the licensed professional called Super Hairoes Organization.




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