In Your Salon Consulting

In Salon consultation Do You need Consulting in YOUR Salon for your clients?

I Help fellow licensed stylists regrow their business and their client’s hair with my diverse past knowledge and real-life experiences. I have been committed to my industries for over 35 years and my passion is education and wellness.

Cosmetology or Barber License

My Community To Our Community

From the start of my career at 18 I have understood that millions of people have un-natural hair loss due to autoimmune disease nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins, as I myself had kidney cancer EBV, and CANCER and know firsthand about hair loss and the devastating effect it had.

With that being said the licensing isn’t conducive for our specific business and i have decided to appeal the state with petition to amend the recent billed passed

In the process, I have become well now for providing both reputable training, in-salon consultant, public speaking events , patient consultating , certifications,  a directory listing of those I Mentor, and an affiliate listing on my empowerment  foundation called SUPERHAIROES!


Get Certified!

Taking one class doesn’t make anyone an expert, continuing education and the desire to learn and be a true master in your field is built on a foundation and that foundation starts with your teacher. As having a teaching license I am able to perform consulting services for your in the salon your working in .


You Will Be Listed On My Community Directory

After you take my classes I will mentor you along the way with resources I have utilized for the last 3 decades.

My commitment to you I will list you on my directory and foundation as a certified loc doc and you will have acces to my online store for a discounted rate Extensionhairsalons was created for YOU the salon community on behalf of all my continued advocacy for our professional livihood

Listen To A Former Stylist I’ve Mentored

This is Rita Macias one of my top stylists and actually worked in my wellness salon Partime as well. She was “referred ” to me  so please listen to her testimony on what I’m about outside of all the “Glam” we are changing lives one strand at a time ! 

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