Cancer, Trichotillomania, & More I Can HELP!


Follically Challenged


Cancer, being the number one illness-causing hair loss is where I specialize, As a hair loss sufferer myself I have found a way to restore my hair and health utilizing my patent-pending holistic hair extensions systems. I also know the importance of being Private as this is a very personal issue, my wellness salon New Dimensions Extensions is and has always been Private By Appt only for over 35 years.

Below are a mere few of those clients I have helped over the years that have suffered from trichotillomania, after cancer treatments, or autoimmunity that affects long-term hair health.

As A wellness consultant for over 35 years, I help YOU get to the “root issue” of Dis-Ease” and will also assist in your health regimen as well.
Most cancer is due to metabolic issues and the body is too acidic due to long-term inflammation and PH. Most of my medical clients can obtain optimal hair regrowth within 2 full years as the normal rate of growth is approx 1/4 inch a month depending on if the underlying issues are addressed. I also have a Preventive Community Directory for more resources and a 5013C Foundation as this is a very important part of my business model and my brand.




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