Hair loss issues can be addressed to a great extent by treating, analyzing, diagnosing, using periscopes to assess and treat them.  With more than 30 years of experience as a hair restoration advocate and Master Hair Extensionist, (HairDoc TK) ensures that clients’ extensions and color services are therapeutic, natural, and effective. As a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist, and Nationwide Trainer and Organic Corrections Specialist, (TK) lives by the motto “Regrow, Retrain, Recreate.” As a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist, and Nationwide Trainer. Her main areas of training are advanced natural hair replacement, extensions techniques, hair regrowth, and nutrition. She specializes in fixing improperly installed extensions and regrowing older hair.


As a holistic hair replacement specialist, I work with Hair Loss, Cancer, and Trichotillomania sufferers using hair extensions, partial wigs, lace frontals, organic products, ph balanced products, and cell renewal treatments to help patients regrow their hair. The Trichotillomania Forum has been serving our local communities in Arizona for over 15 years. Join our local groups by clicking here


Our salon, New Dimension Extensions Salon LLC, has been serving the regrowth and extension needs of Arizona for more than two decades! A Regrowth program for cancer and trichotillomania patients led me to create, “HairDoc TK” and I did not realize how many people needed help during those years.

Being a kidney cancer patient, suffering from hair loss, and has previously volunteered for the Look Good Feel Better Foundation through the American Cancer Society, I know how it feels to want to look and feel good while going through this journey. Whenever possible, I welcome anybody to make an appointment so I can give you my full attention and let you know what I did to beat cancer and baldness!

Check out my 501c3 foundation and become someone’s Superhairoe today! Join me in the fight against HAIR LOSS! I have started a new forum for survivors,


In addition, I offer wig and toupee maintenance, using non-toxic, non-metallic, and ammonia-free coloring products.  We use non-toxic, non-metallic, ammonia-free coloring products, precision cutting, natural color blending, and low maintenance Hair Extension Systems with no styling limitations for Your Health. Short-haired women (Women with a Short Haircut)


Helping to stabilize a normal pH level using homeopathy, alternatives, and holistic hair lash beauty care formulas to remove environmental, hereditary, and dietary toxins.  As a cancer survivor, I have tried to improve the health of my hair by balancing my body’s pH level by eliminating environmental and dietary toxins. To achieve the best hair health possible, you must take this step. There is nothing better than having a consultation with someone who knows how to help your hair achieve its healthiest potential.


Treatment of auto-immune disorders like Alopecia Areata, Lupus, Cancer, MS, and Chyrons, as well as impulse control disorders like Trichotillomania. Infrared light therapy can help stimulate hair growth if you are experiencing hair loss for any reason. Low-level laser therapy delivers powerful yet gentle beams of infrared light to your scalp to promote healthy scalp conditions and healthy hair growth while improving the condition of your existing hair. Combining expertise in hair care with thorough nutritional counseling, I have been able to provide successful results.  


The HairDoc TK’s hair solution studio salon has been helping men and women combat hair loss for the past 10 years with specialized programs that combine low-level laser technology with patented formula hair products and nutritional supplements. Most of my female clients have experienced successful hair regrowth.  To combat hair loss, I use a highly effective hair regrowth treatment that can also be helpful while wearing extensions during the telegon phase of hair growth.


Being a hair loss sufferer myself, I understand the importance of privacy and experience. Before I had cancer, I had been an active facilitator and volunteer at several hospitals in the valley, Ironwood Cancer Resources, Honor Health, John C. Lincoln, Banner Health, and the Look Good Feel Better Foundation helping fellow survivors with hair, makeup, lashes, and wellness tips. In my PRIVACY wellness Salon, you can join my local support groups about cancer rehab, nutrition, and more. Please click here for more information.


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