Mobile Hair Extensions

HairDoc TK can help you by coming to you. 
I provide mobile hair extensions and travel to different states.  


I offer 7 of the “TOP” and the latest methods with your personalized hair cut and color included! You should not have to go ELSEWHERE for color, cut, blow-dry or smoothing treatments and receive all of the best services all at one time maximizing your investment! Make sure your extensionist has a LICENSE! Salons without a license cannot color or cut the hair. This has been an ongoing issue here in ARIZONA.

Would you take your Jaguar to a gas station repair shop?!! Trust your Locs to the HairDoc!

As a 35-year veteran of the industry, I am trained in seven of the top and latest extension methods for all hair types and textures, and as a licensed hairstylist, I am also able to complete your look with custom cut and color services. Many extension salons in Arizona only offer the application of extensions, often leaving you to search for a hairstylist who understands how to cut, blend and color your new locks appropriately. I’ll work with you to identify your desired look and recommend the best cut for your face shape and your hair’s texture. For clients with curly or textured hair, I also offer smoothing and conditioning treatments to help you achieve your desired look.

Here are a few examples:  



Invisible Wefts

Hair extensions methods are classified  in over 7  applications and techniques, however the names can be different and very confusing for the consumer. This is why is improtant to find licesend professional who has more experience in several methods nor one and who can color and cut at the same service to avoid any damage to the natural hair and the integrity of the extensions as well This method is the flatest application and generally  lasts 4-6 weeks for the lift .Hair Is reusable if proper protcals are followed 


This Method is similar to Natural Beaded Rows, however the natural hair is braided down and no locs are applied . This method i recommend for those who have coarse thick hair ,as these have very limited styling options and are soley used around the back not the frontal perimaters or sides .


Natural-Beaded Rows

This method has been the latest craze for most as the time for application is much quicker.As all methods have pros  and cons this is one of the LAST method i offer as a transitions away from extensions or an intro to them .Book a PRIVATE one on one Consulation so i can give you my 35 plus years of recommendations based on your hair and your regimen soley.


Cold Fusion, Supreme bonds, Great lengths, Keratin, So-Cap to name a few are  all considered Keratin Bonds. This methods has been around as long as  Ive  been doing extensions , 35 plus years ! This also is one of the methods iver worn and i love it! For those with finer hair most of my blondes and anyone who is   vegan this is one of  my go too for the application



Strand by Strand Extensions are ALWAYS and will be the most natural  versitle and long term application there is , However with that being said those unlicensed d stylist are not implementing the same tool, applicators, or strand size , and there REMOVALS are not properly removed as i fix most of those clients .There  will be averse  affects to not using a license professionsl for single strands extensibs.

Most of my clients that find me on Google have been wearing extensions with other companies and can’t achieve regrowth, or the proper color. Example: BLONDES do not want gold. These proper applications cannot be learned unless you went to cosmetology school and have the proper education.So many “extensions only salons” push one method and are focused soley on the immediate results , i am long term integrity and will repair damage holistically utilizing my patent pending hair extensions and hair restoration systems since 1988.

You need the proper hairstyle shape for their body shape facial contouring and long-term expectations. This happens quite frequently if the extensions’ provider  is not well versed on all the proper methods out there, and have not been properly trained in color-correcting, proper TAKEOUT or blend, only cutting with each extension method. I see this daily which is why I started my own advanced extensions, color correction, regrowth training systems.

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