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I will Teach You To Get  to the “Root “Issue of hair loss  as Most “Dis-ease” in the body causes inflammation and triggers an autoimmune response when this occurs “symptoms” will arrive, Cancer, Ra, Lupus, Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, and of course more and more Hair loss.

So many of us have an underlying co-infection that hasn’t been properly treated such as Ebv, Lyme, mold in which specific foods will actually continue to “feed “those parasites which will shrink the follicles and cause more shedding than normal as key minerals and nutrients will not be able to be absorbed until these co-infections are stable; the gut health is being worked on the immune function is keep up diligently.

Also, those with mtfhr will experience more hair loss than most as Key essential B, vitamin D; Copper, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, and collagen aren’t able to be absorbed as well.


I will design a simple food program to assist in repairing the cellular function at the Mitochondrion levels by increasing long term cellular energy at the mitochondria  levels, lowering inflammation with proper food choices and repairing the gut with binders so the hair follicles have proper internal food sources for long term hair restoration


I am certified through NASM since 1988 in which I have been an active Pilates, Spin, and Group Fitness Instructor for over 35 years as I’m currently now at 53 plus years young


Watch  a few of my educational and after illness  care  podcasts  here

I am a Mountain bike Cyclist for over 3 decades now i teach and mentor those with joint issues and I (Ride To Inspire) Thru my empowerment foundation  watch a few of my empowerment vidoes here



Proper Nutrition is the key for most on-going chronic Issues and our metabolic function must be maintained as we continue to age those 300,000 million cells we must replace daily to achieve full “anti-aging “

Also for those with severe  medical issues, please join my community Resources page as you may have added symptoms causing the ongoing hair loss. See more at Medically Challenged Community.


Nutritional Coaching

Why so much Hair Loss ? It all starts (with in) over the last 35 years I have been coaching clients on how to repair hair and health issues holistically .. Learn more and book a private one one consultation with me at Medically Challenged Community.


Starting with Gut Health and Cell Repair, nutrition is the main root of disease and lack of health. It is covered in depth in my book 

Personally changing my nutrition saved my life. I practiced SAD (Standard American Diet) from upbringing then I moved to Macrobiotic. You will be fully knowledgeable in these Two very different practices in health and driven by the changes in our ecosystems.   

Why is Collagen Synthesis KEY to Hair Regrowth:

It removes the bad bacteria in the gut and increases production of needed

Reduces free radicals

Stimulation of overproduction of DHT causes hair loss so by increasing the level of mitochondria DHT is decreasing, stopping hair loss.

Red light therapy techniques

Sauna using infrared light is included in training.

Cancer patients actually have healthier hair after treatments because DHT is destroyed.

The ultimate goal is a plant based diet, we start learning this in using the bio active nature of aloe.

Why is nutrition directly related to exercise success?

Nutrition directly relates to health and energy. After 35 years of continued reasearch I have created my own health line and hair repair products free of chemicals and toxins and will be included in your hair health protocols 

Exercise is our next step in every healthy life.

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