Hello Superhairoes , My book On Hairloss , Cancer and The Implants Correlation, along with a few of My holistic solutions , Why Hair Loss Is On The Rise , is now finally available!
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Presale is starting TODAY at a HUGE discounted rate for 90 days

You don’t want to miss this read and a wealth of real life experiences and information i’ve compiled over 3 decades!

Understanding Why So Much Hair Loss!

I will be able to offer more hope for the world.

After volunteering for various cancer focused charities, than starting my own Foundation Superhairoes INC after not getting ANSWERS why so much hairloss and cancer is continuing, than gave my TEDx Talk to elevate the awareness of my studies, I can now pass this knowledge on to You the consumer

The only way is to find the “root”issue.

The roots in dis-ease, represent the why in most hair loss, various disorders ,and pain.

Having an answer to the why is how I am a leader in my communities.

I will teach you the science behind the why i am a HairDoctor, Tricologist and my own Superhairoe and how i can HELP your repair your hair and health holistically, one strand at a time !

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