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What is a Tricologist?

Tricologists are people who treat hair and scalp disorders, most commonly deal with hairloss and scalp treatments.  Tricologists like to be known as health care workers. A Tricologist  is usally a wellness provider who can diagnois the causes of hair loss,diseases of the scalp and treat accordingly .The Study of Hair and its Science. I have created a system that actually allows hair to regrow while using my patented extensions systems and naturcuticals .These 5 steps  listed below will represent each individuals aspects of  my  holisic hair rerowth  programs for optimal hair restoration withe the specific steps i utilize while your wearing you extensions .

Dont wait any longer take charge of your life and choose  hairdoctk  patenetd holistic hair systems for your long term hair extensions, color correction, and hair restoration needs .

Customized Hair Care

Most shamposs and conditioners contain harmful and toxic chemicals sucha s proplyene( used in atifreze) and sodium laureth sulfate ( foudn in garage door fllor cleaners). Hair will look amzing with these ingerndietns however you are exposing yoirselfn to long term dmagae tob the follicale as well as your metobolic funciton and gut health .Manyvof these sunstances  clog hair follicalses, and dirupt the PH balance ofn the sclp, casuing inflamation and reuce blood circulation . All my shampos and conditners are petro chemical free , sulfate and paraben free and are organic naturla ingredients  with a strng focus on aloe, biotin, saw pamwtto, and pea petides 


To ensure the proper finction of the hair follicles we must detoxify.Its coomon knldge that toxins block the boy rom perfoming at its besr .Deyoxing the liver and kindys, is cricial for healthy har and sclao, as i know i lost a kidnety to cancer. i have patented an exclusive detox program that prepares to abpsorbt the naturlacuteilas, 

Red Light Laser

Red Light Laser.


Nutriton and diet plays a huge role in the detoxification process . i will give ou my recomended assement on proper nutrition for each indivuduals needs 

Collagen Synthesis

wwwww.hairdoctk/blogNatural Pharmecuticals collegen synthesis…

InFared Therapy

Infared Light Therapy .


PRP is the new botox for hair .

Recommended Hair Tests

recomended .

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