Simply put, having a cosmetology or barber license is essential for your profession. Without one, it’s difficult to excel in this field and you do not want to lose out on job opportunities due to it.

Many states need a cosmetologist or barber to have a license to do extensions. These demands differ from one state to another. Regardless of the state in which you live, the benefits of having a license coincide. Below are a couple of factors to take into consideration.

Training, testing and licensing enhance accountability. Within the different disciplines in the beauty sector, cosmetologists and barbers normally undertake one of the most comprehensive programs. This program covers several teachings and abilities from safety, cleanliness, and technical skills to client and business management abilities.

Having a cosmetology or barber license is extremely important if you wish to work in this area because thanks to this permit you can show that you have all the skills needed to enhance the hair of other people through waving, styling, along with any kind of various other techniques.

From the start of my career at 18, I have understood that millions of people have un-natural hair loss due to autoimmune disease, nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins. I am known for providing both reputable training, certifications and listings on my salon directory and salon charity called “Superhairoes” which offers hair, health, hope, and continued education.

The enforcement of rules is important when it comes to saving consumers from MORE HAIR LOSS -health and safety issues, improper techniques and for the health and safety of everyone.

Arizona is only one of 3 states that allows the unlicensed performance of hair, lashes, and other extension services.

With hair loss on the rise and with all this knowledge I want to make a difference. I want to be the difference. In AZ, a personal difference I’m dedicated to making is I want to change a specific law in my profession.

Here’s why.

I’ve made it my purpose to educate others about the causes of chronic illness. In doing this, I determined the law for hair restoration was inadequate. Licensing in all extension practices is necessary.

My Petition to change the law

I have actively been lobbying at the State Capital to alert all consumers of this unethical change to deregulate the hair and lash extension services that is taking place in our community on SB 1401. More Hairloss, infectious diseases and more damage will be on the rise!

Citizens can register with the Arizona Legislature’s ‘Request To Speak’ system (RTS) and leave their name and comment in opposition to the bill.

Another thing citizens can do is contact the 60 legislators in the House of Representatives who have voted on SB1401. Here is a list of their names, in alphabetical order, with party affiliations, direct links to their email addresses and their office phone numbers:

Professional beauty licensing is an essential component of the wellness of America’s economic situation and to the health of its residents. Beauty experts touch almost all Americans across every demographic in large and small areas. These specialists get their special skills to supply safe, top quality services to their clients with considerable training, certification and licensing, especially when utilizing extensions and hair restoration systems.

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